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Miracle Brand bedding and towels use antimicrobial silver to stop bacteria and other microbes in their pathways.

It’s no fun to think about, but it’s true: your sheets, pillows, and towels are covered in bacteria and other microbes. That is why it is recommended to wash them every two to three days. But who has the time or the energy for it? Most of us wait a week or two (or more) between washing, and the bacteria keep multiplying, out of sight and mostly out of mind. Until then, you will experience unpleasant smells, skin problems or even worse complaints. Fortunately, there is a company called Miracle that can do a lot of cleaning up your act. The bed linen and towels contain antimicrobial silver that is woven directly into the fibers. That means fewer microbes and less washing.

Antimicrobial silver

There is a lot of fancy scientific jargon behind the effects of antimicrobial silver. But the short and sweet version is that it prevents bacteria from multiplying. This is why Miracle bedding and towels are the cleanest you can find, with minimal bacteria even two weeks after the last wash. Miracle Brand products can be washed three times less than conventional, silver-free products and can almost be described as “self-cleaning”.

2 × pillow cases

You spend almost a third of your life with your face on a pillow, which makes it awkward to imagine how much a typical pillowcase can be choked by bacteria and other microbes after just a few days. But Miracle Brand’s pillowcases are different, and you can buy two for just $ 49. That means not only minimal bacteria, but also luxuriously soft comfort every night. And if you’re someone who appreciates the cooler side of the pillow, Miracle also has that area with pillowcases that stay cool all night.

Miracle sheet set – Extra Luxe

If you demand the highest level of comfort, the Extra Luxe Miracle Sheet Set is just right for your bed. As clean and cool as everything else that defines Miracle Brand, these sheets and pillowcases are made from the brand’s finest Supima cotton – one of the softest and most comfortable types of cotton in the world. Get a full set now for just $ 169.

Miracle comforter

For a lot more fluff and less sweat, the Miracle Comforter can change your sleeping habits. It prevents 99.9 percent of bacterial growth, just like all Miracle branded products. But it’s also designed to be a completely cool and breathable duvet that you’ll want to stay under all night. All natural, 100 percent vegan and hypoallergenic, the Miracle Comforter can be yours for $ 189.

Towel set Miracle

Once you’ve stopped your bedroom from becoming a breeding ground for bacteria, do the same for your bathroom. A Miracle Towel Set supplies you with two bath towels, two hand towels, and two washcloths for a price of $ 99, a 30 percent discount off what you would pay if you bought them all individually.

Miracle Brand is so confident in their products that you can try anything you want for up to 30 days, completely risk-free. With free shipping, there’s no reason not to give it a try unless you’re simply hooked on all of the bacteria currently proliferating in your home. Click here to learn more about Miracle Brand’s Antimicrobial Silver Bedding and Towel Today.


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