Yes, A Bed That Dispenses Skittles Does Exist

Skittles has partnered with mattress company Simmons to bring a bed to market that has never been seen before: a bed attached to a Skittles dispenser. The special collaboration arose from the “love of all things that are brave, colorful and unpredictable,” says a joint press release.

The yellow Sweet Sleep Bed, as it is called, is equipped with five Skittles candy dispensers and has a pull-out fold-away bed with a twin-size mattress attached to the side. During the day, you can push up the bed, slide it behind the dispenser and only see the Skittles dispenser. Pull it out at night, pull down the mattress, and enjoy an endless supply of rainbow candies in bed.

Even better than the news of the existence of a Skittles dispensing bed, a Skittles fan can get the candy dispensing bed for as much as $ 1.50. Yes, this bed could be yours for the price of a bag of cones. The Simmons Sweet Sleep Bed goes on sale Monday, September 13th after 1:00 p.m. EDT. Since it is a one-of-a-kind item, it will be sold to whoever purchases it through the Simmons website first. A Willy Wonka style candy land may not (yet) exist, but a bowling bed could be as close as you ever get!

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