Xiaomi Youpin Leather Smart Electric Bed X Pro Crowdfunding

Xiaomi Youpin crowdfunding launched a Xiaomi Youpin Leather Smart Electric Bed X Pro, which will officially start crowdfunding at 10:00 am on May 7th. Only 1/3 the price of similar products.

The Xiaomi Youpin Leather Smart Electric Bed X Pro is equipped with dual motors (highly equipped with four motors) on the back and legs, with a single thrust of 600kg and smooth lifting. ≤45dB silent operation, quiet rise and fall, safe sleep.

Xiaomi Youpin Leather Smart Electric Bed X Pro supports individual adjustment of 60° on the back and 40° on the legs and can be adjusted as fine as 1°. According to the different needs of different groups of people for the angle of the bed, it provides two memory position settings to save your DIY presets. There is no need to repeatedly adjust the key in place for a long time.

When snoring is detected, Feel X automatically raises the back of the bed by 15° and slowly adjusts the head to the side sleeping state, opens the airway, and fully oxygenates the brain. The snoring stops, and it automatically returns to the lying downstate, gently and not disturbed.

8H Feel leather intelligent electric bed X Pro has an intelligent detection core installed on the back of the bed board, which can easily penetrate a 25cm thick mattress without wearing equipment, and sensitively detect sleep movements.

And it is a dual monitoring core on the left and right, which is exclusive to you, and the left and right rollover monitoring is accurate; sleep with people, separate monitoring, and the sleep data is independent and clearer. The detection data includes monitoring sleep heart rate, breathing rate, snoring, and body movement throughout the night, and can also score sleep quality.

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Feel X Pro has joined Mijia IoT, and through Mijia APP, it can interact with other smart products, such as automatically turning off the lights when falling asleep, and automatically opening the curtains when you wake up.

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