Would you sleep in this $25,000 drone bed?

The 2021 equivalent of the racing car bed is here and is in the shape of a professional racing drone.

The Drone Racing League (DRL) says they found “the ultimate Christmas present” for drone nerds – a limited edition crib inspired by DRL’s flagship Racer4 quadcopter.

However, the drone bed of your dreams wouldn’t be cheap. This made-to-order product costs $ 25,000 and would arrive approximately two to four months after the order was placed (shipping to US only).

And what exactly do you get for this staggering price in addition to a decidedly futuristic sleeping environment?

The bed is made of medium density fibreboard (MDF) and is engraved with the DRL logo. It’s available in two sizes: Twin and Full – but the actual floor space of the furniture would be much larger as you need room for the huge propeller arms that stick out on each side.

Red LED lights surround the bed as well as the rotating propeller pillows, which are made of high-density foam. You also get sleep masks in the form of First Person View (FPV) drone goggles and the option of attaching a TV bracket to the end of the frame – so you can see DRL from the comfort of your drone bed all season long.

DRL says it will only accept orders until February 1, 2022. Orders can be placed here. Or can you satisfy your cravings for professional drone racing with this free DRL gaming app?

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