WORX Reciprocating Saw and Wad-Free for Bed Sheets

WORX Nitro 20V reciprocating saw

What to love: A multipurpose cordless reciprocating saw that can cut a wide variety of materials inside or outside the home with a single blade change.

What does it do: The cutting power comes from a brushless nitro motor, which, according to the company, runs 50% longer, offers 25% more power and is maintenance-free compared to conventional brush motors. The saw uses a Power Share PRO battery with cell cooling technology, which also improves tool performance and extends run times. For easy handling, the saw has a swiveling shoe that can be adjusted for the respective work and ensures stability and control. A selection button sets the blade movement and a blade clamp that remains open enables the blade to be changed quickly. The saw is priced at $ 169.99 and comes with a 20V Power Share PRO 4.0Ah battery, 2A 2-hour charger, wood cutting blade, metal cutting blade, and a carrying case . The limited WORX guarantee of three years applies to the saw. Visit worx.com for more information.

Cotton free for bed linen

What to love: A simple but useful product that will keep bed linen from topping up in the washer and dryer.

What does it do: If sheets curl up and ball up in the washing machine they can become unbalanced, and if they are rolled up in the dryer it takes forever to dry. Wad Free 2-Pack comes with eight plastic squares. Attach them to each corner of the flat sheet and each corner of the fitted sheet before washing. According to the company, these squares break the physics of sheet tangling and allow the sheets to dry faster with fewer wrinkles. Wad-Free is made in Denver from plastic from the USA. The 2-pack is $ 18.99. Visit wadfree.com for more information.

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