Woman saved from fire after drunkenly setting own bed ablaze while lying in it

Kerry McCrudden, who suffers from a number of mental health problems, set fire to her double bed in her home in Gateshead, Tyneside after she was released from hospital

Kerry McCrudden
Kerry McCrudden was sentenced to three years in prison for arson

A woman who set fire to her home while drunk was convicted of ruthlessly risking the lives of rescuers when she was sent to prison.

Kerry McCrudden purposely set fire to her bed while she was lying on it, Newcastle Crown Court heard.

The mother, who had just been released from the hospital, burned her home in Gateshead on May 30, Chronicle Live reports.

The fire was spotted by people nearby who bravely stepped inside and brought them to safety.

McCrudden, who has a number of mental health problems, was sentenced to three years in prison for arson. The court was told how the 38-year-old’s mother was killed in an apartment fire.

She purposely set fire to her bed last May, the court heard


Newcastle Chronicle)

Northumbria Police Detective Constable Abbie Young said after the fall: “Not only did Kerry McCrudden put her own life in danger when she started the fire in her bedroom, but the lives of those who ran into the address too.” save you.

“These brave Good Samaritans deserve applause for their life-saving deeds – and I would like to sincerely thank them for their intervention.

“This entire incident was completely preventable, however, as McCrudden knowingly and willingly lit the flame. She now has to deal with the consequences of her actions. “

Jane Foley, Attorney General, said, “The man ran upstairs and could see flames coming from the bedroom and heard a woman’s voice from the bedroom.

Their actions caused £ 15,000 worth of damage


Newcastle Chronicle)

“A double bed was on fire and the defendant was lying naked on his side on the bedspread.

“The fire investigation concluded that the fire was most likely caused intentionally by an open flame and combustible liquid poured over the mattress.”

Fortunately, the fire in the central terrace was confined to the bedroom.

The landlord estimated that the damage caused could cost up to £ 15,000 to repair.

Rachel Hedworth, who defended herself, said, “No other properties were affected by this fire.

“The apartment was not in good shape and not properly maintained so it is fantastic to point out that it will cost so much to repair.

She was rescued from her burning bed by brave rescuers


Newcastle Chronicle)

“From an early age she suffered more than many people in her entire life.

“Her mother was killed in a house fire that she had struggled with over the years.

“She used drugs and was a heavy alcoholic. She took solace in them to get through every day.”

Richie Rickaby, prevention director for the Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service, praised the fire investigators for putting another arsonist behind bars.

He said: “This defendant was lucky enough to have the two passers-by entered the property – who knows what could have happened if she had not been rescued.

“I’m really proud of your intervention and the work of our fire investigators, and we hope it reassures our communities that we will always be here to keep your safety.”

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