Woman Reveals Hilarious Results After Sharing Bed With Guinea Pig

This is the moment a woman woke up to find that her naked guinea pig had nibbled off her pony:

Gara Sullivan went to TikTok (@garasullivan) to explain what happened when she decided to cuddle her drunk guinea pig, Dixie.

The permanent makeup artist says she got up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and took a look at herself in the mirror.

Photo credit: Kennedy News & Media
Photo credit: Kennedy News & Media

To her horror, Gara discovered strands of hair on the floor.

Initially, that horror turned into fear that her beloved pet had swallowed lumps of her fringe and might be sick.

But Gara said she was relieved to see a pile of her bitten off strands next to a guilty looking Dixie – the naked animal, quipped, was jealous of her flowing locks.

She shared what had happened to the world and posted a clip on the video platform next to the caption: “So sometimes when I’m drunk I like to take my naked guinea pig out and sleep with her on the floor lol I know, crazy.

“So on Thanksgiving day, I wake up to pee and catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror. THIS CHICK GONE [sic] ASS MY BANGS OFF. She didn’t even eat the hair, she just nibbled it off. “Oops.

Photo credit: Kennedy News & Media
Photo credit: Kennedy News & Media

When commenting on the post, people mostly loved the story with a comment that said, “She wanted you to look like her.”

Another added, “When it makes you feel better, guineas are doing each other to see better. He just wanted you to see better. “Oh my heart.

A third wrote, “I don’t know which is healthier – you sleep with her on the floor or the fact that she’s pursuing her hairdressing career.”

Someone else said, “She’s that friend who can’t make you look better than her.”

Others seemed to know how Gara felt because their own animals had done the same to them.

One wrote, “My bird did this to my eyelashes,” they went on to say that the bird “pulled out about five extensions in one go while I was sleeping on the couch.”

Someone else added, “Oh, my hamsters have given my layers before, I have to pull the hair off my cheeks.”

What’s wrong with these dangerous animals ?!


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