Woman Has Genius Hack for Finding Bed Bugs

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The luxury of staying in hotels comes with not having to clean your sheets, wash your towels, or look at the stacks of dirty dishes you have let accumulate next to the sink. There is one big downfall that’s on the back of our minds when it comes to staying in a hotel… bed bugs.

If you don’t know, bed bugs are small round brown and red insects that feed on human and/or animal blood. Bed bugs are common in hotels because they typically spread through travel from infested areas. According to the Bed Bug Lawyer group, on average 68% of bed bug infestations are reported in hotels. These cases also aren’t exclusive to low end hotels, many 5-star accommodations fall victim to infestations.

They are incredibly small so checking for bed bugs is not that easy. Thankfully TikToker @juiceboxdiaries posted a video with a simple tip on how to identify bed bugs before you sleep in that hotel or Airbnb you just rented.

The woman simply takes a large jug of 70% isopropyl alcohol- also called rubbing alcohol- and attaches a spray nozzle to it. She sprays the bottle over the entire fabric bed frame and waits a few minutes. After waiting for a bit the woman starts to investigate and what do you know… out crawls a bunch of bed bugs.

Next time you’re traveling and staying in a hotel or rental make sure to bring along some rubbing alcohol!

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