Woman found dead in bed, after ‘love bite’ argument | News Extra

Shadie Dasrath was found with a wound in the center of her forehead in the apartment she shared with a close male relative.

She was also naked and unresponsive in the bedroom of the apartment on Temple Street, La Romaine, in the early hours of Friday morning. She was later pronounced dead by a district doctor.

A 24-year-old security officer told the police that Dasrath returned to her apartment around 11 p.m. on Thursday and that they had argued over a hickey on her body. He told the officers that she went to bed and he stayed in the living room. He checked her in after 1am on Friday and found her unresponsive on the bed. He went into a policeman’s apartment next door and told him that Dasrath was not answering. The officer saw Dasrath in the bedroom and contacted the police command center.

Officials visited the crime scene and crime scene investigators recorded the area.

Her body is expected to be autopsied.

The security guard was questioned by police officers while the investigation into Dasrath’s death continued.


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