Wolverhampton pervert who hid vile snaps of primary school kids under bed caged

A perv who made homemade sex toys was imprisoned after hundreds of hideous snapshots of elementary school children were discovered in his home.

“Isolated” Michael Bisby escorted police officers to his secret stash of indecent pictures under his bed after they suspected he had searched the internet for pictures of young girls.

It was the second time that the 52-year-old sex offender was caught with indecent pictures of children.

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The “deliberately rebellious” repeat offender left the court more than a decade ago after getting into trouble for the first time after looking at photos of abused children online.

However, a judge ruled that the pedophile Bisby, who feels “particularly attracted” to girls between the ages of eight and 14, could no longer be helped and imprisoned him for the disgusting offenses.

The convict was served a three-year collective injunction in July 2010 after officers identified him as a subscriber to a website containing indecent pictures of children.

More than 2,000 images were exposed when his computer was seized, Wolverhampton Crown Court heard.

He was also placed on an indefinite sexual harm prevention order requiring police approval to buy and use cell phones with internet access.

The perpetrator managers also regularly visited his one-room apartment – an officer stopped by his house on July 9, 2019.

He noticed a Samsung cell phone with a removed battery on Bisby’s bedside table and found two short clips of “young girls dancing provocatively” in it.

Police then combed Bisby’s house for further evidence that he had violated his court order and re-offended, Prosecutor Harpeet Sandhu said.

He added: “The defendant was asked if he had any other equipment. He said, “Would it help if I showed you?”

Four memory cards and another Samsung phone that Bisby claimed had paid his bills were discovered under the sex offender’s bed.

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They contained more than 100 pictures of “scantily clad” girls aged eight, Sandhu said in court on Monday (November 29).

Dolls with holes cut into them were found in his closet, and police officers also discovered homemade sex toys on the property.

Adam Wieczerzak, who defended himself, said Bisby “fully cooperated” with the police and “guided” them to the cell phone and memory cards.

His “habits” resurfaced as the visits from the perpetrator management team decreased.

Mr Wieczerzak said: “Since his arrest in 2019 there has been no evidence of another crime on his part until today.

“He says he doesn’t like to find himself in that position. He wants all the help that is available to him.”

Bisby – of Tettenhall Road, Wolverhampton – admitted four cases of indecent photos of a child and two cases of violating an order to prevent sexual harm between July 14, 2015 and July 3, 2019.

He was sentenced to 22 months in prison, sentenced to pay a victim bonus and has to be enrolled on the sex offender registry for 10 years.

Judge Rhona Cambell said the abused young girls’ childhoods had been “destroyed” and their lives “destroyed”.

She said: “You know that crimes with indecent pictures of children are not victimless as you have already been convicted of such crimes and signed a three-year joint injunction.

“You know it is so [not victimless] because at home in the West Midlands you are sitting in your warm surroundings and you are prepared to access the internet to see elementary school age children being sexually abused, you did, and you saw it.

“So any form of pretense you have on your mind that these offenses are not harming anyone is nonsense without you and others like you, these girls wouldn’t be as abused and ruined as they are.

“They can no longer be handled within the community. You have adopted a three-year municipal code – but you continued and committed a criminal offense again.

“You have done this under circumstances in which you have chosen to be deliberately rebellious by breaking the order issued, and so I do not think the chances of further rehabilitation are realistic enough.”

Judge Campbell also ordered the confiscated items to be confiscated and destroyed.

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