William Tyrrell: police find piece of fabric near creek bed | New South Wales

Police have continued their search on the north central coast of New South Wales, where William Tyrrell disappeared seven years ago, despite poor weather conditions.

For nearly a week, a team of officers combed three locations near Tyrrell’s foster grandmother in the small town of Kendall, where he was last seen in September 2014.

The search was resumed on coronal orders, and officials also confiscated a car that previously belonged to the late foster grandmother. It will continue to undergo a forensic investigation, which is expected to take weeks.

On Sunday, detectives discovered a piece of material near a creek bed in the center of the search, which is also to be forensically examined. This was followed by the discovery of another piece of blue cloth on Friday, which was also sent for testing. Police dug through about half a foot of ground based on recommendations from experts who helped officers find the ground.

Police have previously confirmed that they are focusing on a person of interest as part of the investigation.

Dozens of officers participated in the search, which was hampered by persistent wet weather. The Bureau of Meteorology issued a severe thunderstorm warning for the central north coast and a possible flash flood warning on Sunday.

The weather disrupted the search team’s tarpaulins and tents at the weekend.

The search for Tyrrell has centered on three areas, including the former home of Tyrrell’s grandmother, where he was last seen, a bushland about a kilometer away, and a nearby creek on private land that police have pumped water from.

The police used earthmoving machines and a large electric sifter in their search.

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