Will the Bears Ever Change? Plus: Stories of Calling in Sick, and the Bulls Put the Kids to Bed.

Jason opens the show by dissecting Chicago’s horrific loss to Baltimore. More questionable clock management and suspicious game planning let the bears sit at 3-7. Jason wonders if things will ever change at Halas Hall (0:10). Lamar Jackson’s illness made us ask, “What’s your weirdest story of canceling work?” Your answers did not disappoint (21:00). The Bulls continue to impress with 12: 5 at the top of the Eastern Conference after a big home win against the Knicks on Sunday evening (35:30). Jason highlights Zach LaVine, who plays good basketball while battling his thumb injury and how the Bulls have improved their game on defense.

Moderator: Jason Goff
Producers: Steve Ceruti, Chris Tannehill and Jessie Lopez

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