Will Sonny Go Off His Meds & Into Nina’s Bed?

General Hospital made the drama soar with her “CarSon” (Carly and Sonny) relationship. After an unfortunate incident in which Sonny was stranded with amnesia in Nixon Falls, he began living a life as Mike and teamed up with Nina. Unfortunately for Nina, the real Sonny Corinthos is back, which means he will do anything to get Carly’s love back. (We’ll just ignore the fact that she mourns her other Husband Jason Morgan, who was also Sonny’s right-hand man. Yeah, it’s pretty messy.) After that GH Fans saw the slap that could be heard all over the world, they thought it was all over between Sonny and Nina. Aside from the latest speculation suggesting that Sonny may not have finished with Nina just yet.

[Spoiler alert: Potential spoilers for upcoming episodes of General Hospital are ahead.]

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