Why You Should Think Twice Before Floating Your Bed

“Floating bed” is used to describe a few different kinds of bed frames, but all give the illusion that the bed is floating in mid-air. The most common variety is a small platform that acts as the bed’s support instead of traditional legs. The mattress overhangs enough that the frame isn’t visible from eye level, and it creates that trademark magical look. Another option is similar to a floating shelf. The bed’s headboard is secured to the wall, and the rest of the frame actually hovers above the ground. This is a more involved installation process, but if you really want your bed to “float,” it’s the only way to have it completely off the ground.

Before you jump the gun and invest in this popular trend (via Google Trends), consider if the investment is the right choice for you. Floating frames can be a pricey upgrade, and it’s always better to do some research before making a major decision.

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