Why You Really Shouldn’t Share a Bed With Your Dog During Winter


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Dog owners have been warned not to let dogs sleep in the same bed as them during the winter months, amid concerns over health risks.

Many pet parents routinely share their bed with animals, but the experts at Happy Beds have said the habit “poses health risks” as pet dander can potentially be harmful to your respiratory system.

Excessive shedding in dogs can last up to the 3-4 weeks, usually ending in November. “The loose hairs in the bedding can cause a lot of irritation to not only yourself as the owner but your pet too. This fur can also harbor bugs and germs that can be passed onto you as you sleep,” the team at Happy Beds told Lancashire Telegraph.

“It’s commonly misconstrued that fur is the main cause of these risks but it is in fact animal dander that can cause serious health problems.”

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It might be tempting to let your furry friend sleep beside you when the weather is chilly, but it’s much safer to ensure they have their own pet bed. Pet dander can be inhaled easily through the air, causing potential breathing issues.

“Loose hair in the bed can heavily impact the quality of sleep too as breathing in this polluted air can add strain to the respiratory system causing the body to not fully rest at night.”

If you are worried about pet dander in the home, the experts recommend brushing your pet daily to remove excess fur, purchasing an air humidifier to aid breathing, and taking your pet to a professional groomer every 6-8 weeks to stay on top of shedding .

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