Why Sleep Experts Don’t Want You Trying TikTok’s Viral ‘Cloud Bed’ Trend

Since summer 2022 ‘cloud beds’ have consistently been trending on TikTok.

A ‘cloud bed’ is a big, comfy platform bed with soft, plush, cloud-like upholstery around the bed – think white and puffy. Unlike regular bed frames, which usually don’t extend past the edge of your mattress, cloud beds go past it.

In January 2023, #cloudbed surpassed 114.7 million views on the app and reached over 5000 posts on the same Instagram hashtag, with the soft frame platform beds continuing to be a huge trend in 2023.

Thanks to the TikTok trend, search demand for these beds has also increased massively. Last month, ‘cloud bed’ hit 20k searches in Google, with thousands of people also searching for ‘cloud bed dupe’ and ‘dream cloud bed’.

Let’s be real – we’d love to snooze off on the marshmallow-like bed. However, sleep experts aren’t best pleased about the trend.

Brian Dillon, sleep expert at Crafted Beds, has warned that there are three things we need to consider before bagging ourselves a cloud bed.

Do you have back or knee problems?

“As with any low platform bed frame, you need to consider whether you already suffer with any back or knee pain. If you’ve ever had any sort of injury in these areas, I’d strongly advise not purchasing a cloud bed,” says Dillon.

He explains that when you get into a cloud bed, you’ll need to use your knees to support your weight as you bring your body down to the level of the bed, which could cause pain and injury to anyone with previous knee problems.

“Similarly, cloud beds aren’t incredibly supportive of your back. Whilst they may look as soft as a cloud, if you suffer with any backache I would suggest going with a solid higher frame for stability,” he added.

Do you move around a lot when you’re sleeping?

Dillon warns: “If you move around a lot when you’re asleep, this may not be the best bed for you. More affordable versions of cloud beds will often be delivered in separate parts, with the frame and headboard not connected, meaning a lot of movement could separate the two in the night.

“You might find yourself on a separate side of the room to your headboard when you wake up if you’re a really restless sleeper!”

Can you afford the investment if trends change?

“We know that TikTok trends don’t often stick around for more than a few months, but a bed is a costly expense that should last you years. If you even have a hint of worry that you might want another bed if trends suddenly change, I would avoid this costly investment and go for a bed frame that’s more practical and less trend-led,” Dillon points out.

“This is something fans of the ‘cloud bed’ trend need to consider carefully during the cost of living crisis.”


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