Why Do Some Pickup Trucks Have a Flat Bed?

Have you ever seen a truck driving down the road with a normal-looking cab and an odd, flat-looking bed? You were probably looking at one of the space-efficient stake bed trucks, with its stake sides removed. But there’s a possibility that you saw a custom flatbed designed to reduce weight for off-roading or a low-sided towing body engineered for a fifth-wheel trailer hitch. Finally, if it was a large pickup truck with a very long flat bed, it may have been a tow truck. Here’s how to tell the difference.

What is a stake bed pickup truck?

A stake bed is a wide, flat aftermarket truck bed. It has pockets for stakes, and by mounting tall stake sides, you can fence in a large, secure area on the back of the truck. This bed gives you a large cargo area and the flexibility of configuring it for specific jobs.

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