Why Couples Should Argue At Breakfast And Not Before Bed

Professor Foster said in the Daily Mail, couples should talk about their problems at breakfast, rather than before bed.

He said even though nighttime may be the most convenient time to discuss issues with a partner, it is “important to avoid any stressful topics immediately before bed”.

“That’s partly because you will both be rattier — our mood begins to elevate in the morning, peaks during the late morning and early afternoon and plummets towards bedtime,” Professor Foster said.

“Lots of hormones rise in the morning anticipating activity, but which are responsible for these mood changes remains uncertain.”

Professor Foster goes on to say that these types of conversations release stress hormones which can delay sleep — adding to irritability, impulsivity and a lack of empathy.

By discussing problems at breakfast, couples will be more likely to think before speaking because they are better rested.

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