Where To Buy A Christmas Tree In Bed-Stuy This Year: MAP

BED-STUY, BROOKLYN – Christmas is just around the corner, but if you haven’t bought a tree yet, you won’t break a sweat: Patch has put together a map of the places in the neighborhood where you can grab a tree this Christmas season .

As usual, Christmas tree stands have appeared on sidewalks across town in the past few weeks making it easy for New Yorkers to haul a Douglas fir or scotch pine down the street and up the stairs to their apartments.

However, in the absence of an official map of these booths located on, Patch has asked readers to help us create one by letting us know all of them in their area.

In Bed-Stuy, neighbors have the opportunity to grab a tree from a local stall or stop by a local shop, such as Verdure Florists or the long-standing traditional house Seasons. Click through the map below to find one near you:

Since the submissions come from readers, Patch cannot guarantee every stand or opening time.

Return to this story in a few days to see new additions. And if there is a tree population in your area that is not yet on our map, Fill out the survey below so we can add it.

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