What Time Do People Typically Go To Bed Every Day?

Following those who turn in at 8 pm or earlier, 14.05% of people surveyed reported going to bed at 9 pm The single digit evening hours are the least preferable bedtimes, per the exclusive Health Digest survey. The most common times to go to bed are after 9 pm, with just under a quarter of people surveyed reporting going to bed at 11 pm, thus accounting for 22.71% of responses. Going to bed at midnight or even later made up for 26.31% of survey findings. Even though there is popularity for later bedtimes, including going to sleep in the early morning hours, there are potential risks that come with going to bed after 11 pm

A 2021 study published in European Heart Journal tracked adult participants for six years and found that the prevalence of developing heart disease increases in accordance with the time a person goes to bed. The study correlated going to bed at 11 pm with a 12% increased risk of heart disease, and a nearly 25% greater risk of heart disease for people who go to bed after midnight. Researchers determined the best bedtime for protecting heart health is 10 pm The Health Digest survey found that the most popular time for cozying up under the sheets and going to bed is 10 pm, with 29.90% of responses supporting what is believed to be the healthiest bedtime hours

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