What Happens To Your Body When You Stop Sleeping In Bed With Your Partner?

According to the Naturepedic study, respondents claim that they choose to sleep separately for a number of reasons, with the two most common being a snoring partner and conflicting sleep schedules. dr Henning Johannes Drews, a psychiatry professor and the lead author of a 2021 sleep study says that if sleeping next to your partner hinders your sleep, by all means, you should sleep alone (per Healthline). However, his study, among many others, has proven that sleeping next to a partner can actually do wonders to improve sleep quality and overall health.

Drew and his team found that when couples slept beside each other, they not only experienced fewer sleep disruptions than when they slept separately but an improvement in their quality of rapid-eye movement (REM) sleep. And the benefits of cosleeping don’t stop when you get out of bed. A 2005 study published in Biological Psychology found that women who cuddled up with their partners had higher levels of oxytocin — aka the love hormone — and lower blood pressure. Leesa reports that people who co-sleep also release less of the stress hormone cortisol, causing a reduction in inflammation.

Sleeping with your partner can not only make for a healthier you, but it can also improve intimacy within the relationship, literally synchronizing your heart rhythms, according to the National Sleep Foundation. Couples who sleep in the same bed also experience a more fulfilling sex life and happier relationship than those who sleep apart.

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