What happens to your body when you sleep on your back?

We talk so much about sleep it’s a surprise that any of us actually have time for it – but have you ever wondered what happens to your body if you sleep on your back Sleeping on your back can be uncomfortable for some, but according to research, around a third of us (37%) (opens in new tab) of us sleep in this position at night, so knowing the advantages or disadvantages of sleeping on your back, compared to side or tummy sleeping, are important.

Sleep positions are very rarely taught or controlled; we simply find what works best for us – but that doesn’t mean to say it’s good for our physical health. As we sleep and rest our bodies the position we find ourselves in can dictate how our joints, muscles and even skin is affected so knowing the facts is important (what you’re lying on plays an important role here too, which is why you’ ll find info in our best mattress ranking about which bed is right for which sleep position).

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