What do moms want for Mother’s Day? Skip breakfast in bed and sleep in

Amy Schwabe hangs out with her daughters Alex and Wendy, as shown in 2021.

My mom and I often talk about one of the funniest TV episodes we’ve ever seen. On an episode of the 2010s-era sitcom, “The Middle,” Frankie Heck, played by Patricia Heaton, is asked by her family what she wants for Mother’s Day.

In a move relatable to moms everywhere, Frankie tells her husband and three children that what she really wants is a day completely to herself in her house. Not flowers, not candy, not breakfast in bed. Just hours of uninterrupted time for herself to do whatever she wants.

On Mother’s Day morning, with her family away from the house on their own adventures, Frankie goes to her living room in her pajamas with a box of donuts in hand and sits down to a stack of magazines. Then — in a move relatable to moms everywhere — she gets distracted by a chore she thinks she should be doing, which leads to another, which leads to another until she realizes her family will be home any minute, whereupon she sprints back to the couch , and manages to eat a bite of two of her first donut and read a sentence or two of her first magazine before she hears the door open as her husband and children return.

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