Wellingborough neighbours object to 14-bed Wellingborough HMO

Neighbors of a planned “high quality” 14 bed HMO on a street in Wellingborough have raised objections and banners against the development of student dormitories.

There are plans to expand and convert a seven-bed Edwardian home on Finedon Road that was once used as assisted living accommodation into a shared apartment and gym.

The large two-bay end-of-terrace house on the corner of Adams Close and Finedon Road currently has a back garden and off-street parking in the driveway to the garage.

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This is what the street looks like with an inset

If the plans are implemented, the home will be transformed into a kind of “co-living space” used by students across the country for young professionals, but neighbors fear that the number of cars produced and the lack of privacy will affect it on their lives will have.

Karen Pebody from Adams Close said, “We don’t want it. The traffic, the parking and the lack of privacy. You have to pick it up and bring it back to London.

“That makes parking almost impossible. It has a view of my garden. Everything about it is wrong. You applied for a single-family house occupancy beforehand and we thought it would be a really nice single-family house. Then they wanted three to five apartments, now it has 12 Beds. If anyone knows the area it is right across the street from the park, you might know how fast this road is and how much traffic the park can get sometimes especially in summer.

“We don’t want anyone to be endangered by the amount of extra cars this HMO will generate, and we 100 percent don’t want the city’s locals not to be able to use and enjoy the park because they won’t have it any more soon park.”

The HMO would have a communal kitchen

The developers of the house at 34 Finedon Road have set out their plans for the house in multiple occupancy, with each room having its own en-suite communal facilities for home work, a fitness room, living room and kitchen as well as an “outside space”.

A three-storey rear and side extension was proposed to “create a visually impressive addition to the property and the wider area” – and a one-storey connection extension between the existing property and the existing garage.

The receipts state: “The applicants want to offer each of the proposed tenants a high-quality space.

Applicants want the program to be much more than a standard HMO – with a greater focus on quality and comfort, home work and fitness facilities to meet the changing needs of the target audience – people who find themselves in the Have got used to working from home in the last 24 months, but want a better standard of accommodation. “

The residents would be able to use a gym

The existing garage would be converted into a home office and gym, with secure bike and rubbish storage provided in this space as well.

The documents added: “Off-street parking is not proposed under the program as it is simply not possible to deliver it and at the same time provide the important common areas as described above. Given the location of the site and the clear availability of on-street parking spaces – as the Parking Beat Survey shows – this is clearly not an issue.

“Although the proposal represents a slight increase in parking space demand compared to existing use, there is no evidence to suggest that all residents would own cars.”

Other residents have spoken out against the proposals with noise, parking spaces and the possible dangers of the existing intersection.


One said, “Please consider rejecting this request. That would be noise nuisance and potential parties, possibly drugs. Or people who can’t afford a home and can only afford the rent, who are sometimes less desirable.It can cause a headache from day one. I know this isn’t always the case, but the more people, the higher the chance. “

Another said: “Adams Close is sometimes already a crowded place due to the parking on both sides of the street as it is used as an overcrowding parking lot for Finedon Road and the streets near Finedon Road. Adams Close – where will the occupants park? This will cause the corner to become so clogged that it is completely unsafe. “

The local road authority has stated that subject to compliance with its requirements “no objections will be raised to the application for reasons of road safety or capacity” and that “this form of parking regulation places demands on the car owners and may force them to search for spaces” . some distance from their homes.

The consultation will end on Monday, December 20, with neighbors until Tuesday, December 21, to comment on the request.

An artistic impression of what the HMO could look like

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