Wayne and Frankie Bridge caught ‘in bed with her sister’ in awkward encounter with firefighters

Frankie Bridge was once caught “in bed with her sister” and her husband Wayne Bridge – but everything wasn’t what it seems.

The I’m A Celebrity star opened up around the time her sister was living with her when she explained how her sister Victoria is “the most needy person on the planet” and she hates being alone.

Victoria doesn’t like being alone, so she even slept on a mattress on the floor in Frankie’s and Wayne’s bedrooms. But when the fire alarm went off, her sister jumped into bed with her and the firefighters were confused as they rushed to the property to find out what had happened.

Frankie and Wayne with their family
Frankie and Wayne with their family

She recalls: “When my sister lived with us, she appeared like a child, took off her covers and said, ‘Can I sleep on your floor?’ My sister is the neediest person on the planet, she can’t be alone, she hates being alone.

“We always ended up bringing a mattress and she slept in our room. At the time we had one of those alarms that, when they ring, go straight to the police, fire … and one morning … went off. “

Frankie is very close to her sister Victoria
Frankie is very close to her sister Victoria

She continued, “We all jumped out of bed and thought, ‘Oh my God!’ Wayne is running around the house in his pants trying to figure out what it was, obviously something was wrong with the alarm clock.

“When we found out, Tor jumped in bed with me and Wayne was still running around in a panic.”

Things took a funny turn, however, when the firefighters went into the bedroom to see Wayne in his underwear and Frankie and her sister Victoria in bed together.

Frankie told the funny story when she was at I'm A Celebrity Castle
Frankie told the funny story when she was at I’m A Celebrity Castle

“The fire department showed up and they had to look into our bedroom,” she added.

“They came in, Wayne is in his pants and there is me and my sister in the main bed. The guy just looked over and Wayne says, ‘It doesn’t look like that, this is your sister, oh god, no, um … she usually sleeps there. ‘ The guy just said, ‘Uh-huh …’ “


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