Watch Andy Warhol interview Steven Spielberg on a hotel bed

(Credit: Far Out/Alamy/Wiki/Flickr)


Andy Warhol’s art and ideas were undoubtedly the mark of a truly inspired and otherworldly mind. In the 1950s, Warhol carved a successful career as a commercial illustrator. During the latter half of the decade, he decided to exhibit some of his art pieces in local galleries as a side aspiration. Swiftly, his strange and often provocative ideas began to spread his name across bohemian New York City.

With his art gaining popularity in the galleries, Warhol decided to set up his famous studio and art troupe called ‘The Factory’, and the studio became an epicentre for his multimedia exploration. As an eccentric socialite, he would regularly befriend people and bring them into his lair of artistic wonderment, where a whole tapestry of intellectuals, drag queens, playwrights, Bohemian street people, musicians and artists would mingle.

Following the success of ‘The Factory’, Warhol set up his own journalism business, the Interview Magazine. The magazine, founded in 1969, grew impressively into the 1970s, and by the latter half of the decade, the restless creative had spent $40,000 on establishing a televisual companion for the company, titled Andy Warhol’s TV.

This new arm of the magazine featured rapidly interwoven interviews with an array of intriguing and famous faces. Among those to feature in the episodes of Andy Warhol’s TV were Grace Jones, Debbie Harry, Paloma Picasso, Cindy Sherman, Philip Glass, and Keith Haring.

One episode featured Warhol, Bianca Jagger and Steven Spielberg simply hanging out in a hotel room. During the strange clip (seen below), Mick Jagger’s ex-wife Bianca interviews a 34-year-old Steven Spielberg on a hotel bed while Warhol sits on the end, commenting at intervals.

The conversation reveals a different side to Spielberg as he manages to rival Warhol’s famous eccentricity. Discussing the magical technology of the 20th century, Spielberg explains how he’s convinced there are paranormal entities trapped inside televisions and describes how he once picked up a radio station through a tooth filling.

The clip concludes with Spielberg’s anecdote about his strange introduction to technology. “I can remember the day my father brought home a transistor and said, ‘Son, this is the future.’ So I put it in my mouth and swallowed it.”

Watch the full interview clip from the episode below.

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