Wantage Town Council say 72-bed care home plan does not have enough parking

A RAT has rejected plans for a 72-bed nursing home in a new building due to parking and security concerns.

Plans for a nursing home in the Kingsgrove housing estate on the outskirts of Wantage have been criticized because of insufficient parking space.

Care UK’s application seeks Reserved Matters approval for the layout, scale, appearance, access and landscaping for a nursing home.

The plans envisage a nursing home on three floors that will provide accommodation to residents with different care needs, from inpatient to full-fledged care.

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The nursing home will create more than 80 jobs and propose 34 parking spaces. This includes two spaces for the disabled and two spaces for double use as an ambulance space and a delivery space.

The 72-bed nursing home will be built next to the community center and will share eight parking spaces with the nursing home.

Oxford Mail: Care UK is planning a 72 bed nursing home

However, Wantage City Council believes this will not be enough and has spoken out against the plans.

In its objection to the building application, the municipality wrote: “The concerns of the Wantage municipality regarding the shared parking spaces remain. We are of the opinion that if these two facilities share parking spaces in the end, the use cannot be determined individually and separately necessary.

“The concerns about pedestrian safety and connectivity are still not allayed. In the latest version, the pedestrian path on the south side does not appear complete – it is not continuous. ”

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In August, a campaign group from Wantage and Grove also disagreed with the plans over parking lot concerns.

In the appeal, the group stated: “We have already indicated in previous applications for Kingsgrove that the number of parking spaces for the community hall and the adjoining elementary school is insufficient and the number of parking spaces is being made available.”

Add: “72 units for people over 55 years of age should have 72 parking spaces (one per unit), with additional spaces for staff without using the spaces assigned to other buildings.”

Oxford Mail: Care UK is planning a 72 bed nursing home

Care UK is one of the largest providers of inpatient care for the elderly. In the planning proposal, Care UK says they are “proud” to be building “more modern and functional new nursing homes” and adds that they are proposing to develop a “state-of-the-art nursing home” at the Wantage site.

Care UK plans the new home with 72 en-suite single bedrooms; Management and administration areas; Communal dining and social areas such as café, hairdresser, hobby room and cinema.

The plans for the nursing home were discussed Tuesday evening at a planning meeting in Vale of White Horse at which a decision was to be made.

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