Viral video: Woman who is too lazy to get up early for work does her make-up and hair before bed

Woman doing her makeup and hair before bed

Woman puts on make-up and does her hair before going to bed | Photo credit: YouTube

Key Highlights

  • Hannah does her makeup and hair in the evening before she goes to bed
  • She refuses to get up early for work because she is too lazy
  • Surprisingly, her hair and makeup stay intact in the morning

There are many people who do not like to get up early in the morning. You will come up with all sorts of excuses to stay in bed longer. Many would say we prefer to stay in bed an hour longer than doing our hair and makeup, a woman came up with a unique idea so that she stays in bed longer in the morning and does her hair and hair – done.

Hannah, from Kentucky, USA, said that instead of getting up early to do her hair and makeup, she just does it all at night before bed.

She has posted videos of herself putting on a full face of makeup and straightening or curling her hair before hopping into bed.

She’s also shown how her makeup stays intact the next morning.

In a recent video, Hannah, who works as a teacher, was seen ruffling her hair in a ponytail before applying her foundation, concealer, mascara and brows.

“Get down on me teacher getting ready at night because she refuses to wake up early (lazy issue),” she captioned the video.

One user said, “I physically can’t sleep in my makeup even when I’m drunk I CAN’T because my skin is garbage the way it is.” Another added, “That should be illegal.”

Hannah acknowledged that many of her followers have commented on how bad her routine must be for her skin, but she insisted she’s been getting ready this way for about a decade and has never suffered from breakouts or acne.

The teacher added that she still takes care of her skin. As soon as she gets home from work, she removes her make-up and then concentrates on her skin care routine.

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