Video of Senior Cat’s Reaction to Feeling a Soft Bed for the First Time Is So Touching

We’re so happy she’s feeling safe and loved.

Senior cats are particularly vulnerable — especially when it comes to adoption. But every animal deserves a loving home, right? That’s why one video from TikTok creator @nellie_willow is so powerful, because it shows her elder cat Willow’s first time on a bed.

Who knows what Willow’s life was like before she came to her new owners home, but we definitely know that she’s much happier here. See for yourself in the video below.

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“Throwback to January when we first got Willow and she felt bad for the first time,” the video’s text overlay reads. Look at her kneading the blanket! She seems so happy and safe. “Be right back crying, please adopt older kitties too,” her owner wrote in the caption.

People in the comments section were so happy for Willow. “What a lucky ‘lil girl, bless you and your baby,” @lisalouver wrote. “So many baking possibilities!” @jennyr651 joked. “Happy kitty,” @fastwheels27 chimed in. “She reminds me of my cat, had to put her down 2 months ago. Love that she’s making biscuits,” @ohkaykay_ shared.

Willow just seems so happy! Take a look at another video on her page, which shows Willow and her fur-sister Nellie having fun in their new “cat coffee shop.”

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“They love it,” their mama wrote.

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