Video “It’s Hard To Get Out Of Bed”, Tweets Temjen Imna Along With Reason

'It's Hard To Get Out Of Bed', Temjen Tweets Imna Along With Reason

Mr Along is social media’s favorite.

Nagaland’s Minister of Higher Education and Tribal Affairs, Temjen Imna Along, shared a beautiful drone video of Kohima on his official Twitter handle along with a humorous caption.

The 42-year-old minister, who is known for his sharp yet endearing sense of humour, wrote in the post, “It’s very hard to get out of bed if the temperature is less than my age.”

The following part of the tweet was in Hindi and translates to “It’s 13 degrees Celsius here with cloudy weather; tell me yours.”

Watch the video here:

The drone video showing an aerial shot of Nagaland’s capital, Kohima, was shared at 11:24 am on December 27 and has amassed over 1,000 likes and over 25,000 retweets so far. Due to the huge number of Mr. Along’s followers and the beautiful scenic view of the hilly city, the video has received several remarks in the comment box.

“It’s 6 degrees with fog and a cold wind blowing in my city. I should go under my blanket Big Brother with your logic. Also, don’t assume I am an elder; I am much older but took your size and seniority into consideration ,” one user wrote.

One person commented, “It’s 4 degrees Celsius,” to which Mr. Along replied, “How does it feel?”

“In UP’s Lucknow, the temperature is 17 degrees Celsius, even at 12 o’clock in the day. The cold wind is blowing, and it is bitterly cold,” another user wrote.

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