Vego Garden Launches Their DIY Raised Garden Bed Kits For Tomorrow’s Gardeners

L-shaped garden beds from Vego Garden

Vego offers its customers L-shaped and U-shaped garden beds.

Vego offers its customers L-shaped and U-shaped garden beds.

Vego offers its customers L-shaped and U-shaped garden beds.

The innovative start-up Vego Garden from Houston is introducing its DIY Raised Garden Bed. known Kits that stimulate the imagination and grow tomorrow’s gardeners

NEW YORK, Oct 25, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – According to the US Census Bureau, the gardening industry saw incredibly healthy sales growth in 2020, even during the pandemic, as more people tried to take advantage of the mental health benefits of the practice, and grow organic vegetables at home. Vego garden, a Houston-based direct-to-consumer startup founded during the pandemic, aims to spark the gardener’s imagination with the launch of their customizable metal raised bed kits. The easy-to-assemble product is particularly unique as it solves the environmental problems of wooden raised beds and helps make a sustainable, organic lifestyle from the garden to the table accessible to everyone.

“Traditional wooden raised beds can only be used for about 5 years before they start to rot and rot. However, our sustainable metal VZ 2.0 raised beds can be used for up to 20 years and cost only $ 0.4 / ft per year compared to wooden beds which cost $ 3 / ft per year. This translates into huge savings in both cost and environmental impact. ”- Robert Xiong, the founder of Vego Garden.

The brand name Vego stands for “Vegetables + Lego” and remains true to its conviction that gardening is an imaginative, creative and family-friendly activity. The signature DIY raised bed kits were developed to enable gardeners to shape the length and width of the beds into the desired shape.

In addition to the best-selling 17 ” Tall 9 in 1 construction kit and 32 ” Extra Tall 10 in 1 construction kit, Vego also offers round, L-shaped and U-shaped garden beds as well as 10 different modules such as a self-watering base and custom-fit covers with integrated irrigation. All modules are specifically designed to fit on garden beds, improve sustainability and meet the unique needs of every gardener. The team is committed to improving the gardening experience for all new and seasoned gardeners.

Malachi Biffle, Customer Service Manager, shares his view on Vego’s mission and explains that by aligning the brand with the consumer, the team emphasizes that the team is listening to their customers and over-fulfilling their commitments. The case of an older customer who wanted to invest her time in gardening after her husband died during Covid-19 is a recent example. Malachi spent over an hour getting in touch with her and realized that it should be easier for customers to understand how to install Vego’s modular kits. The team took the feedback and created clear diagrams for the product pages. “At Vego, we make a great customer experience a top priority, and everything we do is focused on delivering this to our gardeners,” said Malachi.

The company has also announced that it will launch the Vego Garden Kids program by the end of the year to educate children about gardening. “We can’t wait to introduce this program to the community and we are excited to see the impact it will have,” stated Sarah Mohalley, Vego Branding Manager. The Vego Garden Kids program will educate more than 1,000,000 children about all the benefits of gardening. The team believes that gardening is the perfect time for family members to get closer to each other, and along with the physical and mental benefits, the kids will gain an appreciation for their food and the environment.

Vego Garden currently supports several local farms, schools and non-profit organizations with their gardening activities. For more information about Vego Garden and to be part of the gardening revolution, visit – and join her 30,000 followers on Instagram @Vego_Garden.

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