Vastu Tips For Bedroom| Bed Direction, Placement of Mirror, Colour of Room And More

Vastu Tips For Bedroom: Nowadays, with the increasing latest trends and designs, people enjoy decorating their homes according to their preferences. After a busy day at work, the bedroom is just one of those places in the house where one wants to relax, have a comfortable sleep and take some time for themself.Also Read – Vastu Tips: Keep These 6 Tips In Mind While Desinging Your New House- Watch Video

But constructing the bedroom according to Vastu Shastra principles gives wellness, happiness, and prosperity to life. Not only these, but Vastu shastra also attracts positive energies, strengthens the bond among the family members, and secures your life. Kalpesh Shahfounder and CEO of MyPandit, shares some of the rules for the bedroom arrangement to make a Vastu-compliant bedroom. Also Read – Shubh or Ashubh – Breaking of The Glass in Home

Direction Of Bedroom

According to the Vastu, the bedroom should be in the south or west direction of the house. The bedroom entrance should be on the north, west, or east side of the wall. A bedroom with single doors is preferable. Also Read – Vastu Tips For House: How to Declutter Like Marie Kondo to Invite More Positive Energies in Your Abode

Direction Of The Bed

It is suggested that a bed should never be placed directly opposite the entrance. You should sleep with your head in the south or east direction. This Vastu sleeping direction will help you enjoy a good night’s sleep and also have a long and happy life. Make sure that your bed doesn’t face towards the north as it might make you feel disturbed and tense.

Placement Of Mirror As Per Vastu

According to Vastu, mirrors play a crucial part in the bedroom. It is suggested that a mirror should be placed four to five feet above the ground. Also, make sure that no two mirrors should be set opposite one another because they can attract bad vibes. The ideal place for placing a mirror is North, East, and West directions. On the other hand, mirrors placed in the South East, South, or southwest directions are not considered favourable.

Wall Decors As Per Vastu

The type of paintings or sculptures you have in your bedroom might impact your mood. Hanging a stunning, beautiful painting or wall hanging in the room is thought to be beneficial. Ensure the room is free of any paintings or statues that depict violence or conflict. We suggest placing a pair of crystal Sarus cranes in a married couple’s bedroom. These birds signify marital fidelity throughout one’s life and can assist in strengthening a husband-wife relationship.

Colors For The Bedroom

Colors play an essential role in a bedroom. The most appropriate colors to ensure good vibes in a bedroom are light rose, grey, blue, brown, green, and other light and positive shades.

Kid’s Bedroom As Per Vastu

  • West direction is considered ideal for children’s bedrooms. And newborn babies should sleep with their heads facing south or east.
  • Green, Light Blue, Yellow, and Purple are great options for the children’s rooms. Bright colors encourage and inspire kids to stay active. These colors enhance concentration and focus.
  • Avoid placing a mirror in front of your child’s bedroom.
  • Make sure that you keep electronic gadgets at the minimum level as they may cause stress.

wrap up

So, live a more satisfying life with your near and dear ones by following these simple Vastu tips for the bedroom. Try these tips for yourself and experience the difference; we are sure just small changes in the bedroom will bring a big difference in your life!


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