Urfan Mulla linked to fake B Ed certificate racket, says Goa Forward Party | Goa News

PANAJI: A fake B Ed certificate racket is in use in at least six schools, with BJP spokesman Urfan Mulla showing up as the focal point of the operation, the Goa Forward Party said on Monday.
Citing official documents, including a note signed by former Education Director Vandana Rao, GFP alleged that mulla even attempted to manipulate official records to cover his tracks.
Mulla, said CFP official John Nazareth, jumped from Congress to the BJP to seek protection from a vigilance investigation and criminal case.
“When the CFP comes back to power, we will ensure that education is delivered through well-trained teachers,” said Nazareth.
“Measures are being taken against fake teachers and those who have promoted and facilitated fake certificates. Concrete measures are being taken against these people.”
The allegations against Mulla emerged after the BJP spokesman spoke out against a possible alliance between Congress and the CFP and also accused Congress and CFP officials of corruption.
In response, GFP has released documentary evidence showing that Rao wrote to the anti-corruption bureau on June 23, 2020 informing them that fake B. Ed certificates are being used to teach at several schools in and around Get Margao.
Memos also show that Mulla tried to inspect documents relating to one of the schools.
“Upon inspection of the file, it is found that the applicant (Urfan Mulla) tried to manipulate the documents from the viewed file on page 486 / C,” said Rao in a note.
Nazareth claimed that Mulla was the headmaster of a subsidized school and the chairman of another school in Gogol that employed teachers with fake B.Ed certificates.
Nazareth said that CFP would file an official complaint with the relevant authorities and that if the government did not take action, CFP would go to the courts.


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