UP govt to honour meritorious students

In its ongoing pursuit to enhance the quality of education in Uttar Pradesh, the Uttar Pradesh government has decided to organize a “Nipun Samman” (brilliant achievement) ceremony every month to honor meritorious students. The selected students will be honored in this ceremony by their parents and dignitaries.

These students will play a supportive role for the rest of the students. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has given instructions to accelerate various activities in the state to ensure the effective implementation of the Skill India Mission. Specific benchmarks are also established for these activities to meet smart targets by 2025-26.

Within the Skill India Mission framework, the aim is to raise the learning level of students studying in classes 1-3 and bring them up to class level.

On behalf of the Director General of School Education Vijay Kiran Anand, all educational and training institutions in the district have appointed principals and district primary education officers in this regard. Students from classes 1-3 will be eligible for the meritorious student award if they meet their class’s proficient targets in Hindi and Mathematics.

In this sequence, there will be assessment of the children’s skilful efficiency using the Nipun Lakshya app. D.El.Ed trainees provide this assessment under the leadership of the principal of the District Institute for Education and Training (DIET). Parents and other dignitaries will be invited to the ceremony and a badge will be awarded to the deserving student. It also improves the association between the school and the community.

The significance of encouraging all children and their parents to help their children become skilled students and the school to become a capable school will be published and motivated.

The principal of DIET will prepare a roster for the current session (January to March 2023) in which schools will be allotted to all D.El.Ed trainees. These trainees will visit the designated schools on the day of the assessment. Instructions are given to create the roster so that the assessment of the children on the Nipun Lakshya app is completed once in all of the district’s schools from January to March. In five working days per month, two D.El.Ed trainees will visit 10 schools (two schools per working day). The trainees will assess children from classes 1-3 using the Nipun Lakshya app. Thirty children in a school (10 children in each class) will be evaluated on the Nipun Lakshya app by each trainee.

Online training will be conducted for all principals of DIET and D.El.Ed trainees to ensure quality in the assessment process and to develop understanding and skills in assessment using Nipun Lakshya app. The D.El.Ed trainees will assess enrolled children using their smartphones or tablets. Teachers and D.El.Ed trainees will take care to ensure that no assistance is given to the children in determining the correct answer. After entering the answers, the children’s results will automatically appear on the Nipun Lakshya app, and it will be known how many children from the school are proficient.

Teachers will provide need-based support to the children, and assessment results will be shared with the school principal and teachers. The compiled monthly progress information will be sent to the principal of DIET and the district basic education officer. Each D.El.Ed trainee will also be paid an incentive of Rs 500 for every working day.


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