Ulwe resident duped of Rs 1.95 lakh while buying old bed online

A 39 year old Ulwe resident who bought a bed online was fooled by a cyber scammer for Rs 1.95 lakh. The fraudster delivered an substandard bed and, under the pretext of returning the money, took details of the bank account and made several illegal transactions.

The police said that the applicant had looked for a bed on an online marketplace for junk goods and on October 12th saw an advertisement for a bed for Rs 5501. He showed interest in buying the bed and sent a message to the cell phone number mentioned there. The ad was reportedly run by a person named Vikas Kumar.

According to the police, the fraudster called him the same day and told him that he would send the bed in a hurry by evening and took the address with him. Around 9:30 p.m. he received a call that the bed was arriving at a pace and it was downstairs. In the meantime, the complainant also called him and asked him to make the payment, as the bed had been delivered to his home.

While the complainant wanted to make the payment in cash, the fraudster sent him a message with bank details. The complainant then made the payment online. However, shortly after he made the payment, he found that the bed was in poor condition and unusable. He asked the pacemaker to take the bed back. The pace has stayed from there.

The complainant then called the fraudster and asked him to send another bed. The fraudster insured for four to five days. When the complainant insisted on returning the money, the fraudster looked for the bank details that had been given to him.

After a few minutes, the fraudster sent him a screenshot that he was transferring 5501 rupees. However, when the complainant checked the account balance, it was not credited. In the meantime, he received two OTPs from two transactions of Rs 15002 and the amount was debited and transferred to Vikas Kumar’s account. In the same way, he kept sending screenshots and money was withdrawn from the account. When the complainant blocked his bank account, the fraudster defrauded him again, took a different bank account and transferred a total of 1,95,703 rupees. He later stopped answering the complainant’s calls.

The complainant turned to the Nhava Sheva Police Department and made a complaint of fraud under Section 420 of the IPC and 66D of the IT Act.

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Posted on Wednesday October 20, 2021 7:13 pm IST


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