Tragedy as teen finds his mum, 42, dead in bed

A sad teenager was heartbroken after discovering his mother dead in their home.

Bryan Colgan held his 42-year-old mother Serena Colgan in his arms after finding her lifeless body last month.

The 19-year-old made the horrific discovery while visiting her house, MEN reports.

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He knocked on the door, but there was no answer.

After looking through the window into their downstairs bedroom, Bryan saw his mother lying motionless in her bed.

Bryan tried desperately to break into the house before dialing 999 on December 12th.

Paramedics finally broke open the front door – but it was already too late and Serena had been dead for several hours.

Serena with her grandson Rylee
Serena with her grandson Rylee

“I hurried over to her; I felt so weak, “said Bryan. “I just knew. It was terrible.

“The paramedic said, ‘Darling, your mama has been gone a while’ and I just collapsed.

“I’ve stayed with my mother since I found her. It was haunting to see her like that.

“I held her in my arms as long as possible.

“I sat with her for two hours, all the rescue workers were with me. They let me sit with her. “

Although Serena’s cause of death has not yet been confirmed, Bryan says she suffered from multiple sclerosis for several years.

The circumstances of her death are not considered suspicious.

Before she got sick, Serena, a mother of two, had worked as a barmaid in several pubs across Bolton.

As an avid martial arts fan, she loved watching boxing and was interested in singing and music.

New father Bryan had been looking forward to having his first Christmas with his seven-month-old son Rylee.

But now he says Christmas will “never be the same”.

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“I find it very difficult every day,” he added. “I fight.

“It’s so strange; she came by every day.

“She would do anything for me and my son. We were all looking forward to our first Christmas with Rylee.

“Christmas will never be the same again.

“We would talk non-stop on social media and visits every day.

“She had a very special bond with me and my partner.”

Bryan, who works at Tesco, is currently on sick leave due to post-traumatic stress disorder and anxiety.

The teenager is now raising money to pay for his mother’s funeral, which is due to take place on January 13th.

Bryan says he is responsible for organizing the service and is struggling to raise the money it needs.

He set up a Gofundme page to give Serena a “best goodbye”.

So far it has raised £ 1,605.

Bryan continued, “My girlfriend keeps me going and everyone online says nice things about her.

“I think we will all go to the same place one day.”

To donate to the fundraiser, follow the link by clicking here.

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