Top 5 Double Bed Designs Under 50000

New Delhi (India), February 2 : A bed is the foundation of your bedroom, and it plays a critical role in determining the overall look and feel of the ambience. It can make or break the look of your bedroom, as it is the central element of the space. But beyond its aesthetics, it also needs to be durable in order to provide reliable support and comfort. Here we present you with our list of top double bed designs, with five unique designs curated with perfection to uplift any bedroom. With modular functionality and an antique aesthetic, these five designer double bed designs are perfect for enhancing the beauty and utility of your space.

Walking Bed with Storage

Simplicity and utility go hand in hand. Enhancing the room by introducing a double bed design like our Walken bed with storage will improve the convenience and comfort of your room while being the highlight of your ambience. If you are someone who does not like to experiment much but still wants to keep the space looking happening, then our Walken bed with storage is the one for you!

Price: Rs.44,989

Adolph Bed with Side Storage

The fascinating texture and royal look of thick solid wood are always a charm to any Indian. If you wish to lift the earthy element of your space while making it highly useful, then our Adolph Bed with Side Storage will not disappoint you. The sleek side storage and the detailed carving on the head and footrest make it a fascinating addition to double the amenity of your bedroom.

Price: Rs.47,989

Evaline Bed with Box Storage

Want to invest in something extravagant? Then our Evaline bed with box storage is the all-rounder to fulfill all your needs while fitting your budget. Open storage, box storage, and design aesthetic, our Evaline bed with the box is just the right double bed design that amplifies the utmost usage of premium-quality engineered wood.

Price: Rs. 22,989

Drewno Upholstered Bed with Storage

The luxury of velvet fabric can work wonders to boost the elegance and amenity of your space. Our Drewno Upholstered bed with storage is an excellent design choice to make your room look engaging without overdoing the view. The plush comfort of its upholstered headrest will surely be the graceful element of your interior while offering you plush support to relax.

Price: Rs.49,989

Bacon Hydraulic Bed with Storage

Another easy yet striking double bed design that can blend into your space and double its beauty and utility is our Bacon Hydraulic bed with storage.

The gorgeous finish and smooth hydraulic lift storage are the star elements of this masterpiece, making it one exquisite piece in our collection.

Price: Rs.49,989

Our list of best double bed designs under 50000 is created to help you make the right purchase that would help you make the most out of the view and comfort of your bedroom. You would be shocked to know how much a bed purchase can do for your room. A subtle yet inviting double bed furniture from our list would be the most stylish and reliable choice to start with.

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