Top 10: Snack trends, Burger King’s drive-thru, a Skittles bed

SmartBrief’s food and beverage readers have been drawn to a variety of different stories this week, especially news that focused on snacks and sweets. Gil Horsky, Global Innovation Director of Mondelez’s SnackFutures innovation arm, shared his view on the future of snacks, including a push towards better and more functional ingredients and more sustainable production practices. Popular candy industry news included a candy dispensing bed from Skittles and Simmons and the new Sour Patch Kids Bites from Mondelez.

News that focused on restaurants this week included a federal lawsuit from the National Restaurant Association’s Restaurant Law Center and the Texas Restaurant Association contesting the Department of Labor’s decision to bring back the 80/20 standard for calculating when Restaurants tips for non-members who have to pay the full minimum wage -tipped work. Burger King’s plan to optimize its drive-thru service by shortening some menu items was also well received.

A newly printed cookbook from a school nutritionist, a proposed FDA food safety change, and Canadian Nanaimo no-bake bars were also registered with readers.

Read the full top 10:

  1. The decade-old cookbook by the school nutrition professional has been reissued
  2. Mondelez Executive: 3 trends that are changing the snack industry
  3. Restaurant associations are questioning the 80/20 credit rule for tips
  4. Bowling to sell candy dispensing bed
  5. Burger King outlines plan to streamline drive-thru service
  6. FDA proposes changes to create food safety rules
  7. Idaho District Launches Food Truck Service
  8. Mondelez introduces Sour Patch Kids Bites
  9. Canadian Nanaimo bars are a sweet, simple holiday treat
  10. Tyson rewards hourly employees with $ 50 million in bonuses

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