Too Many 3 Bed Houses And Not Enough 1 Bed Homes

Leo Varadkar believes that one of the main problems facing the Irish housing market is too many three bedroom houses and too few one bedroom houses. The Tánaiste defended the government’s credibility with regard to housing yesterday evening, instead believing that the lack of single beds for young single people is to blame. His arguments came in response to Social Democrat TD Holly Cairns, who accused successive governments of overseeing a cost of living crisis in Ireland.

This is not a country for young people“Said Ms. Cairns, citing figures that show that 27% of first-time buyers in the past year were 30 years or younger. “Young people in Ireland were given a poisoned chalice. They will be the first generation to be less well off than their parents. This is of course due to stagnating wages and rising housing costs. Property prices have doubled over the past eight years. “

On the subject of wages and opportunities for the people of Ireland, Cairns said things have not improved since the 2008 economic crash. She believes the pandemic “exacerbated this disadvantage and had a disproportionate effect on young people’s chances, their social life, and Merits “. In an interview with Varadkar, Cairns asked:”Why should young people trust your government?

He added that 70% of people own a home, Varadkar said his government believes in home. The Tánaiste said the government wanted people in their twenties and thirties to have this reality of home ownership. The Tánaiste beat back the Social Democrats, accusing the party of having misunderstandings about how society has changed in Ireland.

It is disappointing to see so many people, including members of your own party, resist building new houses“Said Varadkar. ,Especially in Drumcondra, for example“And referred to plans to build around 1,600 apartments on the site of the Holy Cross Seminar.

Objections to building new houses as they are one-bed apartments. You probably know how many young people are single. One of the changes that has taken place in our society is that people tend to start their households later in life, marry later, and be single longer. And when you object, as the Social Democrats often do, to living as a one-room apartment, the fact that there are so many singles in society today is really misunderstood.

Since Ireland is a country “of three-bed houses by and large“Mr. Varadkar believes that it”one of our greatest flaws in housing supply in Ireland“. He said that many young people have been able to raise a down payment to get a mortgage through Help with the purchase System that some experts believe will drive house prices up.

Mrs Cairns claims one of the most important measures in the Housing for everyone plan would run into more debt for first-time buyers. Social Democrat TD deplores the government’s shared equity program and also claims that the government “associated with a developer-led approach“. In response, Mr. Varadkar said most of the government’s housing policies were “is based on the increase in home ownership in Ireland. I think shared equity is one of them. I’ve seen it work in my own constituency.

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