Tokyo ‘book and bed’ hostel enjoys new popularity as telework haven

TOKYO – Book and Bed’s Shinjuku store in Tokyo offers plenty of leisurely reading opportunities during work breaks and has become a popular spot for teleworkers in the capital with its rows of bookcases with embedded beds in them.

The hotel, designed as a bookstore, has around 2,500 books of various genres and styles on its shelves, including novels, mangas, photo books and philosophical texts. Although the books are not for sale, visitors can read as much as they want. But the hostel doesn’t just provide beds for teleworkers; in the center of the room there is also a social area that is used by many people.

Book and Bed Tokyo has a total of 55 beds, which are separated from the reading area by curtains. They provide most of the available accommodation in the space that has shared bathroom and toilet facilities that are divided by gender. Single and double rooms with night views of Shinjuku’s Kabukicho District are also available.

Although foreign travelers, who made up about 70% of the guests, are currently unable to visit due to COVID-19, the place has been haunted by teleworkers and travel refusals looking to change their surroundings from home to a comfortable place. In such circumstances, the company says it actually has a more diverse customer base than before.

Now that the state of emergency is lifted, rooms are almost fully occupied on the weekends, and business has reportedly recovered to the point that usage rates on weekdays are double what they were last year.

Part of what keeps usage rates high is the many young people looking for Insta-worthy images of extraordinary spaces. Use of the sofa costs 700 yen (approx. 6.20 USD), beds from 960 yen (approx. 8.50 USD) per hour and overnight stays from 3,000 yen (approx. 26.60 USD).

(Japanese original by Kentaro Ikushima, Photo Group)


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