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Videos of toddlers being their naughty and goofy selves are always so adorable to watch. In today’s dose of wholesome content on the Internet, a video posted on Instagram shows a baby pretending to be “invisible” when it was time for bed. The toddler, with her head covered with a blanket, is seen crawling in the room. The video is both hilarious and cute to watch.

The video was posted on the Instagram page thelittledreameruk dedicated to the baby. The video shows the toddler crawling with the little blanket over her head. “When your mum says it’s time for bed. But you’ve become invisible so she can’t see you,” says a text insert on the video. The video was posted on May 19 and has received more than 28.2 million views so far.

“The blanky bottom shuffle. Both things she loves very much! I turned around and she entered the room like this. I fell into hysterics,” says the caption of the video along with a laughing emoticon.

Watch the video below:

Since being shared, the video has received more than 10 lakh likes. It has also prompted netizens to post several comments.

“Mom, it’s an invisibility cloak, duh,” commented an Instagram user. “Hahaha she’s so sweet,” posted another. “Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak,” said a third. “Our daughter did the little bum shuffle too just like that I had never seen anyone else do till now!” reads another comment.

What do you think about this adorable video of the baby pretending to be invisible?

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