To stay cool in a hotel bed, take your own sheet and dump the duvet | Hotels

I suggest that David Bauckham (Letters, 25 May) takes a suitable sheet on his travels, in case the duvet cover in his hotel room can’t be removed and used as a sheet. I usually take a lightweight shower handset and hose to temporarily replace the fixed shower heads used in so many hotels.
Stephen Ingamells
Ilford, London

Re David Bauckham’s letter, I invested in a wool-filled duvet earlier this year. It has kept me warm during the cold nights and I haven’t overheated on the couple of warm nights that we have had so far this year, so I am hoping that I have solved the problem.
Diane Woodley
Westgate on Sea, Kent

You do not have to look to Sweden for examples of good practice (‘One woman took out 13 of her own teeth’: the terrifying truth about Britain’s dental crisis, 24 May). Supervised toothbrushing has been the norm in nursery schools and the less affluent primary schools in Scotland for almost 15 years.
Morag Curnow
Caputh, Perth and Kinross

The headline in the print edition on your story says “energy bills [are] forecast to hit £2,800” (25 May). My energy bills for January to May 2022, ie five months, have now reached £2,864.75p. I am 83 and live alone.
Irene Monks
Chalfont St Giles, Buckinghamshire

Good to see Manx tippers mentioned in your roundup of great British breakfast treats (25 May). Not so good to see that the Isle of Man was missing from the map published with your feature.
David Carter
Dunfermline, Fife

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