Tips, tricks on how to properly edge a garden bed, what tools to use

Neatly edged lawns and garden beds make the garden attractive in winter.

I once heard a radio interview with the person at NASA who recruits candidates into the astronaut program. At one point in the interview the host asked the expert a simple question, “What qualities make someone a good potential astronaut?”

Now with such a question I expected a long treatise on the engineering brain, the importance of complex problem solving thought patterns, self-reliance and fearlessness. What I didn’t expect was a one line answer…” I ask them just one question,” she responded. “May I see your garage?”


But the reasoning is brilliant and it came in two parts: First, the very best astronaut prospect will have an impeccable garage with everything in its place (don’t want to be wandering around the space shuttle looking for a screw driver when the oxygen generator is on the fritz!), and two, the very worst astronaut prospect will open the garage door and immediately start to tell you about all the things he/she is going to do to organize the garage … “as soon as I . ..”)

Guess I’ll never be an astronaut…

mulch:Are you adding the wrong amount of mulch around your trees and in your garden beds?

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