Tim Paine sexting scandal: Felt betrayed, angry but we moved on, frustrated it is now in public, says wife

Tim Paine’s wife Bonnie Paine said that while she felt “betrayed” and “hurt” the couple had long since put the matter on hold and she was just frustrated that it was now airing in public.

Tim Paine resigned as captain of the Australia Test after the news hit the public.

Tim Paine resigned as captain of the Australia Test after the news hit the public. (AP photo)


  • Tim Paine resigned as Australian test captain after the texts came to light
  • Paine had sent lewd messages to an employee in Cricket Tasmania in 2017
  • The incident happened before Paine made his comeback in international cricket

Tim Paine’s wife Bonnie said that while she felt “betrayed” and “hurt” when her husband sent lewd text messages to a colleague in cricket Tasmania in 2017, the couple had bedded the matter long ago and she is justifiably frustrated that it was now publicly broadcast.

Paine announced his resignation as Australia’s test captain after the text messages broadcast in 2017 were released earlier this month.

“I felt betrayed, and I felt hurt, upset, and angry. I also felt grateful for being so honest with me,” Paine’s wife told News Corp in an interview with her husband.

“I had my time to get angry and vent and get upset and we fought and talked and then we both decided to get on with life and do it together,” she said.

The news before Paine made his comeback on the Australian testing team. A year after being exonerated from an integrity check by Cricket Australia, the wicketkeeper was named captain of the test team and projected as a harbinger of a new and improved team culture. His promotion to captain came after Steve Smith was fired in the 2018 ball rigging scandal.

“I’m a little frustrated that it was all brought up and aired in public when we put it to bed years ago. I’ve been moving forward since then, “Paine’s wife continued.

Cricket authorities said the woman only complained about Paine’s text message after being charged with theft after she was fired. Paine’s “interaction” with the woman was “consensual, private, occurred on a single occasion … and was not repeated,” Cricket Tasmania said.

Cricket Australia’s decision not to make the investigation public has been heavily criticized in the Australian media, with experts pointing out that the board has given brand management priority over integrity.

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