TikTok’s “Vanilla Girl” Movement Puts the “Clean Girl” Era To Bed

After the discussion of beauty goals during the “clean girl” era this past summer, another trend has been taking over our For You Page on TikTok. This one is off the top more inclusive of all. Meet us in our #vanillagirl era.

With over 92.8 million views on TikTok, it’s proving to be the most desired new year vibe and honestly, we get it. The aesthetically pleasing trend advocates for eggshell interiors, beige outerwear and minimalist glam that’s chic and screams “soft life.” When thinking of beauty brands that embody this movement, think of Glossier, Merit beauty and ILIA, the cult-loved favorites that essentially capture the trend’s cozy and warm vibes. What makes #vanillagirl even more appealing is that the feel of the aesthetic is timeless and utilizes everything you may already have in your home. It’s all about polishing, enhancing and tapping into your divine feminine energy.

Ready to try out the #vanillagirl movement? Catch a few tutorial videos ahead.

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