TikToker Catches Stepmother Entering Her Room And Messing With Bed

People ask a young TikToker to speak up after apparently secretly filming her stepmother walking into her room and fiddling with her bed without permission.

The video was shared with the account of the user @ t.ariesmoon. The young creator walking on Kaya’s platform uploaded the three minute video with very little context and only found that the clip was re-uploaded after TikTok was removed. She also promised an update soon, adding a text overlay to the video stating that “this is the kind of crazy stuff my dad’s wife does to me and I’m sick of keeping quiet about it.”

The video is being filmed from Kaya’s desk, where she set up her computer to record the room while she was at work. It shows a simple, slightly cluttered room that is mostly taken up by a bed. A few items of clothing, or perhaps blankets, lay thrown over the made-up bed. As the clip begins, a small woman with short dark hair comes through the door.

After looking around for a moment, the woman rushes downstairs to pick up a pair of bright yellow Crocs, which she immediately rubs on the bed. After a moment of this treatment, she turns the Crocs around and spits on the soles of each shoe before wiping them across the bed again.

When she finishes wiping her shoes on Kaya’s bed, her stepmother searches the room to see if there is anything else she can do. Finding nothing suitable, she leaves, only to come back a few moments later. This time she enters with a white cloth in hand, which she promptly rubs over the yellow Croc’s bottom. Then she continues rubbing the shoes on the bed. She even shifts the covers to make sure she gets the sheets underneath and appears to be rubbing her shoes on the wall next to Kaya’s bed.


Since they took down the first one. And I will post an update tomorrow. #fyp

♬ original sound – Kaya💋

After rubbing the shoes on anything she can find near Kaya’s bed for over a minute, the woman puts the shoes back on the floor. She spends most of the final moments of the video mostly obscured by the bed, but the soft rubbing can still be heard. In the final moments of the video, she turns to the only window in the room and wipes the window sill with the white cloth.

Commentators were horrified to witness the woman’s actions in the video and filled the comment area with suggestions and warnings for Kaya. People warned her to keep an eye on things outside of her room as well, including the things she eats and drinks, along with her toothbrush and hairbrush. Numerous people also claimed that the video’s ritual vibrations appeared to be some sort of “voodoo” or “spell” and warned Kaya to stay away from anything her stepmother touched.

Others asked Kaya to sit down both her father and stepmother and show them the video together. This is not exactly the route she has chosen, according to a follow-up video, but she reassured viewers that the problem is being “addressed”. According to Kaya, she showed the video to her father and he is helping her deal with the situation.

Kaya assured the audience that she was “safe” and was working on a solution to her controversial life situation. Commentators applauded their cleverness in recording the video and flooded the comment area with good wishes and praise.

The Daily Dot contacted Kaya via Instagram.

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* Initial release: November 10, 2021 at 11:28 a.m. CST

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