Thuma Bed Frame Review

For the first six months in our new house, my husband and I slept on a mattress on the floor. The master bedroom of our last house was twice the size of our new one so we had to swap out our old king bed for a queen mattress. I grabbed a mattress on sale and decided to wait for the perfect bed frame to rest on – which turned out to be a much longer process than I expected.

I knew from the start that it would be difficult to find a bed frame for our oddly shaped room. I wanted a pillow headboard to sit on and read in bed, but it had to be just the right size. Our bedroom is on the upper level of a Cape Cod style house so the head of the bed is against a wall that meets the bottom of a sloping ceiling. In other words, the lower the better when it came to the height of our ideal headboard.

After using cheap metal platform frames for too many years, I wanted something that would match the airy, Scandinavian feel of our new home. But I kept coming across the same problem: all of the highly-rated bed frames that I liked – mostly from trendy, consumer-facing brands – were way beyond my $ 1,500 budget.

And like all good love stories these days, I found my promising option in an Instagram ad: The Bed by Thuma, a beautiful platform bed frame that miraculously matched the aesthetics of my home and, miraculously, my budget. After reading the rave customer reviews, I decided my days of sleeping on the floor were numbered.

What is the Thuma bed frame?

Thuma is a San Francisco-based company that designs and manufactures bedroom furniture. The brand sells a few other items, including a bedside table and end table, but their core product is The Bed, a platform bed frame made up of a wooden base and slats to support a mattress.

The Thuma bed frame in natural or walnut wood looks simple and modern, but is also designed to be functional. The bed frame is flat – it’s 13 inches high from the floor to the top of the slats – but there is just enough space underneath for storage. Platform beds like this work well in smaller spaces or on a budget because you don’t have to add a bulky box spring bed on the frame. Just put the mattress on top and make yourself comfortable – and don’t worry about it wobbling, because the slats are extra strong.

The Thuma bed also contains a PillowBoard, which describes a fancy padded headboard. In the event of spills or soiling, especially the lighter one, you can zip off the cover and wash it (or change it with a completely new cover from Thuma).

Sounds good so far, doesn’t it? Customers agree. The Bed has nearly 8,000 reviews with an average rating of 4.9 stars on the site. Given Thuma’s commitment to quality and minimal environmental impact, I was honestly surprised by the low cost. My natural-finish, queen-size frame with a pillow headboard is $ 1,195, which is several hundred less than the comparable options I browsed online.

Assembling the Thuma bed

This isn’t the first platform bed frame I’ve tried. A few months ago I ordered a bed frame from a Thuma competitor. Not only was it a few hundred dollars more, I experienced very frustrating delays (like everyone else). After waiting a month for the other bed, I decided to cancel the order. That’s when I found Thuma.

I was pleasantly surprised when I received the Thuma bed within two weeks of ordering. The order came in a couple of large, narrow cardboard boxes that were easy to haul up the stairs with the help of my husband (although I think one person could easily do it).

I was impressed right away. The boxes were clearly labeled so we knew which ones to open first. And the wood was so smooth and sturdy and definitely better quality than other more expensive furniture we have in our house. I was responsible for unpacking and my husband, who is much handier than me, offered to do the assembly. I quickly realized that this was a job even I – someone who loses it if they just open an IKEA box – could do it.

We followed the instructions exactly and the process took maybe 20 minutes from start to finish (without any additional tools other than the screwdrivers that came with the frame). It was like assembling Lincoln Logs: you clip the long pieces of the frame into the legs and then place the slats over them. I couldn’t think of an easier assembly process, and my hard-to-please husband fully agreed.

Sleep on the Thuma bed

After we put our mattress on the frame it was the perfect size for our very oddly shaped bedroom. The frame was high enough off the floor that it felt like an adult bed, but still low enough to hold the ceiling (including the headboard). I especially love the PillowBoard, which is right behind the bed (so you can adjust it if necessary without unscrewing anything). It’s a lovely linen-like material that is comfortable to sit on and that doubles as a neutral background for whatever color of bedspread or pillow you choose.

The Thuma bed is also the most stable frame I’ve ever owned. After sleeping on it for a month, I never once felt it move or wobble – including when my husband and two children sit on the bed nightly storytelling or when my boys are wrestling on the mattress or jump.

Apart from the functionality, the Thuma bed frame simply looks good. I’ve given a few house tours to friends and family, and so far almost everyone has asked where they can get the same. After so many years of putting cost and functionality above aesthetics, I’m so proud to have a bed – and an entire bedroom – that I really enjoy looking at.

Final thoughts on the Thuma bed frame

We have been sleeping in it for more than a month and my feelings are the same, if not stronger: The Thuma bed frame is high quality, easy to assemble, attractive and, in all functions, an exceptionally good price-performance ratio.

My only some Negative feedback is that the white PillowBoard we chose shows dirt easily, especially when we leave our dog in bed. I haven’t tried removing the stains yet, but I’m reassured to know that I can detach the cover and throw it in the wash if I need to. Or just swap it out for a darker color option.

Overall, I couldn’t be happier with my Thuma bed. From ordering the bed to assembling it to relaxing nights in it, the entire experience has been enjoyable so far. In fact, I’m considering grabbing two twin frames for my nursery. I don’t remember where we put our Lincoln Logs, so putting the new beds together is a good substitute.


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