This wall mountable cat bed gives your cat a place to lounge up high while saving your space

Solar is a floating cat bed that can be mounted on any vertical surface to give your cat a resting place in height and to save you space.

When it comes to designing cat furniture, there are no limits. Cats make everything their personal territory. Whether it’s your laptop’s keyboard or the top of your entertainment center, cats will find it and turn it into their private playground.

MyZoo, a cat products company, designs modern cat furniture that will meet all of your cat’s needs without disrupting your interior. One of her newer designs, Solar is a wall-mountable floating cat bed that can be mounted on any vertical surface to allow cats to rest in the air in their own designated space.

Solar is shaped like the sun and is a small but sturdy floating cat bed made of pine wood. Similar to their other cat furniture, MyZoo Solar has lined it with a slotted resting platform for safe jumping. Ideal for small rooms, solar offers a resting place and a jumping platform for your cat and saves space in the meantime.

In contrast to bulky cat towers and tough scratching mats, solar does not take up any floor space and can be easily mounted on any wall where there is space. Since cats love heights, MyZoo found that solar was the best of both worlds – a space saver for cat owners and an ideal resting place for cats. Solar is also easy to assemble and even comes with assembly instructions that can be found on YouTube to make the assembly process easier.

Designer: MyZoo

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