This pineapple dog bed lets your pup channel their inner SpongeBob

Who doesn’t live in a pineapple under the sea? Well, now our dogs can thanks to this Pineapple Dog Bed available for purchase on Chewy’s website!

Whether you love SpongeBob because you grew up with him or just have a thing for pineapples, you might be looking for inspiration to bring that love into your home. And most importantly, in your home for your dog to enjoy!

What better way to create pineapple magic in your home than by giving your pup a canopied dog bed that’s actually shaped like a pineapple? Seriously, this bed is everything!

Channel your dog’s inner SpongeBob with this pineapple dog bed

This dog bed is available now on the Chewy website in two sizes – a medium bed and a small bed. And yes, this bed is also suitable for cats.

For the small bed you’re looking at around $39.99, while the medium bed is $59.99 (although this bed was on sale at the time of writing). What Makes This Pineapple Dog Bed So Special?

According to the Chewy website

This fun and festive snuggle cave features a bright tropical yellow exterior with a leafy green top that looks just like a giant pineapple. Lined with a soft plush pillow, it’s the perfect hideaway for an afternoon nap or a deep sleep.

Considering how popular enclosed or covered beds have become in recent years, it makes sense that we would want to find a bed that our pet will love. And when it’s fun and festive, that makes it even better.

This pineapple dog bed allows us to add a pop of color to our home while ensuring our pup sleeps well no matter what.

But what do you think of the idea of ​​a pineapple-covered dog bed? Would you snag one of these beds straight from the SpongeBob set for your pup? We want to know.

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