This is what happens if you get out of bed suddenly

This is what happens when you suddenly get out of bed

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Neurologist Igor Orlov explains the dangers to the body of suddenly getting out of bed.

In this sense, he pointed out that “the abrupt transition from horizontal to vertical position is an effort on circulation. Therefore, after hearing the alarm clock and waking up, you need to stay in bed for a while and do some stretching exercises to stretch the stagnant muscles.

According to his theory, you should pull your toes and feet toward you. You can also straighten your hips and knees, arch your back, twist your arms back, and straighten your neck. Stretches can’t replace morning exercise, except in a few cases, Sputnik said.

He emphasized that pulling movements in bed “only serve to prepare the body for the transition from horizontal to vertical. It is preparation for training, not a substitute for it, except for those who have to lie in bed and cannot exercise fully. / YD / CP

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